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Our team of designers has always worked hand in hand with manufacturing and production engineers.

They are continuously working on developing new designs and to investigate new combinations of materials and are tasked to discover new color variations.

Each design must reflect timeless elegance as well as attractive and trend setting design. At the same time, our jewelry watches have to meet and exceed the set technical and mechanical requirements and live up to the daily requirements of our customers.

Due to the extensive research and continued development paired with successful model designs, SARO-Gem was able to submit for numerous patents, a few of which are listed in chronological order below.

February 1982

After two years of searching for an appropriate brand name, the brand

SARO was created and recorded in the brand register. It stands for:

SApphire Round Over. The brand gave reference to the intention of the company, namely to produce watches that are overlaid completely with sapphire stones.

July 1984

A world first. The first holohedral watch strap fitted with faceted sapphire stones was ready to be patented.

November 1989

The waterproof winder system with two washers was patented. The already solid water tightness of our jewelry watches immediately improved.

February 1990

Our technicians developed a method of soldering glass to stainless steel to patent maturity. With this method, a watch glass can be soldered to a case generally without a lateral support, resulting in a solid and waterproof finish.

April 1990

The “StopBlock” was patented. This is an adhesive film that prevents contamination of the clockwork mechanism. This film is attached to the base of every SARO-Gem watch.

June 1992

The popular Integral model was design patented.

May 1998

The SARO brand was changed to SARO-Gem. The addition of Gem (english gemological or gem stone) was intended to clarify the company’s aim – namely the production of precious stone jewelry watches.

January 1999

We were able to produce and patent a watch strap with curved sapphire stones for the first time.

A new slogan „Take The Best, never the rest“ was created.

April 1999

The world’s first “Carat AQ” (Auto-Quartz), with the unique Auto-Quartz genetic clockwork mechanism by ETA, 205 caliber that runs for over 100 days, was presented at our stand at the watch and jewelry trade show in Basle.

The Carat model with a case made out of sapphire, fitted with the legendary SARO-Gem 70-carat sapphire strap, is an unbeatable leader. And this model is as successful as one would expect.

Mai 1999

First press conference in the Hotel Europe at the occasion of BASEL 99.

June 2000

Negotiations started in order to establish a new agency for Dubai.

Internet domain, access and e-mail address established.

July 2000

Negotiations started in order to establish an agency for Portugal.

Negotiations started in order to establish an agency for the Ukraine.

September 2000

A new computer system and software is installed.

April 2001

Exhibited at Basel World.

June 2001

The German Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe turns down the audit demand made by the Rado Watch AG against SARO-Gem 7 June 2001.

In doing this, the judge drew a line under a three-year legal battle in which the competitor tried to denounce SARO-Gem as copyists and freeloaders. The courts judgement calls for Rado Watch AG to cover all court and legal costs.

Rado Watch AG had tried to denounce SARO-Gem as copyists and freeloaders. This move completely back-fired. The court came to the conclusion, that our jewelry watches where not infringing and where not copies of Rado.

In contrast, the judge found, amongst other things that SARO-Gem jewelry watch designs where advancements and therefore should be classified in a higher quality category than those of the competitor.

November 2001

We are recognized and awarded the 31. International Award for Commercial Prestige (New Millennium Award). The award is presented to companies, which demonstrate product innovation and show the successfull introduction and launch of a superior product.

February 2002

Delivery is taken of our new trade show booths Nr. 3 and 4 in Basel.

Exhibited at Inhorgenta, Munich.

March 2005

The first cases for the BuonGusto 43 model designs have been delivered.

June 2005

Table vitrines have been rebuilt – a new tiered display – lighting – entierly in plexi glass encased.

October 2005

Exhibited in Bari, Italy.

February 2006

Factory direct pre and post sales support is established for the United States

November 2006

For the first time, the BuonGusto 43 model is on display with a sapphire bracelet.(Geneva – 3 different versions)

January 2008

Our long standing case manufacturer is handing over the company to his successors.

March 2008

Introduction and presentation of our new SARO-Gem Logo

April 2008

Orders are placed for radio commercials airing on DRS 1, OM (opsion musique) and C3 (canal 3) until Dezember 09.

June 2008

iW Watch Magazine publishes a Review of the BuonGusto 43 with sapphire bracelet.

January 2009

New video surveillance systems have been installed.

April 2009

New home page launched. We are now accessible through and

Establishing of new e-mail address

July 2009

Saro-Gem Page on Facebook. Join us and become a fan today!

The official Saro-Gem Forum is launched.

Tim Temple publishes a Review of the newly released BuonGusto 43 Special Edition “Gunmetal” with sapphire bracelet.

August 2009

Saro-Gem AQ Review on Fratellowatches is published.

Market introduction in the UK by Lusso, the British Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.

October 2009

Saro-Gem Buon Gusto 43 Review on is published.

April 2010

The National Watch & Clock Museum features a Saro-Gem Buon Gusto 43 on display in a special Exhibit “Grand Complications”.