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Learn How to Buy High Quality Jewelry

yellow gold diamond ringWould you remove a valuable bracelet or earrings and leave them in the ashtray of your car? Probably not but tossing them on a dresser top or leaving a ring on the kitchen counter top is not much better. Diamond jewelry is very durable and tough but it is still jewelry and not a piece of flatware or a cigarette lighter.

If you have even just a few pieces of enjoyable jewelry, a good quality jewelry box should be somewhere in your home or office. They have interiors designed and made specifically to safely protect and store your jewelry pieces.

We can recommend a reputable place to find a perfect box for your needs…

Even if you have a suitable jewelry box for storing your pieces, remember the box is not a magical place where unassisted wonders take place. If you merely open the cover and toss your jewelry inside, you might as well use the car ashtray. Jewelry scratches and nicks and one piece will do it to another. Even diamonds can be damaged with improper handling or care.

The best thing you can do to safely store your diamond ring, earrings, bracelet or pendant is to wrap the pieces in soft material or pouches and carefully place them either in a jewelry box or other safe place. Pieces of jewelry should never be allowed to bump, grind, rattle around or otherwise come into contact with other pieces. All metals can scratch and remember, a diamond or diamond stone can scratch any other jewelry.

A last item regarding keeping your diamond jewelry safe involves worry of theft. Since trained jewelers most often cannot tell a diamond from a diamond, certainly a thief cannot do any better. Keep all jewelry in a safe place within the home where a thief might not think of looking, or if you do not wear it often, a safe deposit box at the local bank is always a good investment.

Overall TIP: Keep it clean and keep it safe. Your dazzling diamond jewelry will last a lifetime and on the last day will display the same fire and brilliance it did on the first day.