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Our History 

For almost 100 years, the von Burg family from Bettlach near Grenchen, at the foot of the Jura mountains, has been associated with the production of watches, and for over 25 years, SARO-Gem has been producing sapphire jewelry watches of extraordinary elegance and durability.

Each watch that leaves our factory is individually hand-crafted and consecutively numbered. Working exclusively with Swiss partners, the company chooses high-quality materials and uses the most modern techniques, maintaining highest quality and reliability standards. Using only the most precious materials, our employees produce a limited number of unique creations.

Maybe you are curious why there is such limited amount of advertisement for SARO-Gem products. This is because our Jewelry Watches are often sold by customer referral and recommendation.

You won’t find our fine watches on display and for sale in jewelry stores, because we don’t just want to be one of the many watch brands offered there, but THE fine watch you want to own.

This is the reason why in Switzerland, our unequaled Jewelry Watches are on display and sold only at a few selected consumer trade shows.

A personal consultation on our SARO-Gem show booth Calendar of Events allows to inform and educate you in great detail about our sapphire watches and show you many of the intrinsic details and advantages which make our watches so special.

The uniqueness

Using superior materials, our employees craft limited and individually numbered, distinctive time-pieces. One simply would not call these just watches any longer but rather pieces of jewelry which display the time.

The personal consultation

The personal attention and direct communication with our customers is a very important aspect for us. As the future client, you can influence and have a say in the selection of components used to assemble your coveted time-piece. As an example, you can choose from different dials to give your jewelry watch your individual touch.

The goal of SARO-Gem is to design and produce luxury jewelry wrist watches which can be worn any day, any time and any where. Being this at work, at sports activities, the great outdoors but specifically at a night out.